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My name is Fiona Wales M.A., and I am a psychic who uses the tarot as an instrument of reading and interpreting an individual's past, present and potential future situations. Although my academic background is in politics, I was born into a family of practicing psychics, this family ability going back for at least five generations on both sides of my maternal line, and reading the tarot has been a lifelong passion of mine. By channelling my spirit guides to act as interpreters, and by using the psychic interpretation of the cards that I have developed throughout my life, I am able to give accurate and non-judgemental readings. I am interested in many areas of spiritual development and communication, and may use these to supplement the tarot readings where I see fit. (E.g. clairaudience).I am highly experienced in one-to-one readings, and created this website in order to allow anyone a reading, regardless of geography. The use of the website, and providing my readings via e-mail, allows me to give completely unbiased readings based solely on what I see in the cards. The removal of the physical interaction of a 'normal' reading means that my clients can trust that I am not subconsciously collating information on them based on appearance or mannerisms. Additionally, there is no possibility of me being 'fed' by client answers during a reading.

Fiona Wales M.A.

Some people prefer this means of communication for readings as it ensures that the clarity of messages being passed through the cards is not marred by 'logical' rationalisation due to a more personal interaction.In addition, this decreased level of bias means that messages can be passed along to you as intended from the spirits, with as few distortions as possible. Having said that, for some people the personal interaction of a face-to-face reading provides them with an opportunity to ask questions, and for some the personal, hands-on, approach is more suitable, which is why I offer both types of reading. I have been offering online readings since 2006, and have clients all over the world. I have been giving face-to-face readings since 1998, initially in Kent and the South-East of England, and am now based in Kirkwall, Orkney. I also read at events such as psychic fairs and music weekenders.I am also a complementary therapist, offering a wide variety of treatments. The website for this business can be found on the link below;

Visit my complementary therapies website Healtherapy