Building Readings

In addition to reading for people, Fiona also offers a service reading buildings; their history, and any activity within them, be it active spirit visitations, haunting, or energetic imprints of past events. A written report is provided afterwards, and I can take and include photographs if desired.

See real building readings I have done here –

The Old Crown Coaching Inn, Faringdon, Oxfordshire
(reading, contents and photographs ©F. Wales, T/A The Tarot Lady, 2013)

The New Inn, Gloucester
(reading, content and photographs İF. Wales T/A The Tarot Lady, 2016)

Please contact me if you would like more information, or to arrange a visit. Email

Price is dependent on the duration of the visit, but as a guideline;

A brief report based on a distance reading from photos (Visiting the building in question is always preferable, but occasionally not possible.) – £30

A visit of up to two hours – £60

A visit of two to four hours – £100

Longer visits or stays priced by individual circumstances.

Travel (and if no other option is available, accommodation) prices outside of the Orkney mainland will be added to the cost of the reading.

In all cases, the owner or management of the building must consent to the reading.

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