Dream Analysis

Dream analysis is an incredibly useful tool in interpreting messages from the universe and your subconscious that are trying to make themselves known to your conscious mind.
Dreams are full of confused symbolism and messages that can be hard to decipher for yourself due to bias within your own situation. Once you have emailed to me the details of your dream, I will write for you a detailed description and definition of what this dream means, and what you can learn from it. The signposts from within your dream will frequently assist you in deciding on a certain path within your waking life, or to a specific resolution to a personal situation. The analysis will afford you impartial guidance from me, but as the dream itself is yours, you will then be able to read further into it with regards to the specifics of your life. Often, seemingly abstract dreams will in fact be trying to show you possible solutions to your dilemmas, or clues to your potential future.
The purpose of dream analysis is to act as guidance, it is a tool, rather like tarot card reading, that is useful for defining the options that are open to you, options that you yourself may not have previously realised, as it is exceedingly difficult to see a ‘bigger picture’ of one’s own life, due to specific perspective.

Recurring dreams are of particular interest, they are frequently important lessons or messages that are not being received and translated by your conscious mind, and it is common that after receiving analysis, and understanding what this dream is trying to tell you, the recurring dream will disappear, as its purpose will have finally been realised, and the message to you received.

As well as analysing meaning, I will explain to you what the specific symbols within your dream mean, so that you can look out for them in future dreams, and then better understand what they mean to you.

Please use the paypal button below, and then email me here with the details of your dream, and I will write and email your analysis back to you within 48 hours. When describing your dream, please include as many details as you can remember, even those that seem irrelevant. Any details of colours, times, feelings, seasons, etc. are also useful.

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