Below is a list of tarot reading related questions that I am often asked. I hope these answers may be of some help. If you have any questions not covered here please contact me, and I will try to help you.

What is your business address?
The Tarot Lady, Mid Tradespark, Heathery Loan, St Ola, Kirkwall, Orkney, KW15 1SY.

How fast can I expect to receive my reading?
I aim to email three or ten card readings within 48 hours of your payment clearing. Because I work alone, very occasionally this may not be possible, but in this unlikely eventuality I will contact you. For the year ahead reading, please allow five days.

What happens if you are on holiday?
I will post clear warnings of any dates of holidays or times when I will be unable to give readings on the website well in advance. If you make a payment during a time when I am away, you will receive your reading upon my return.

How do I pay for a reading?
Please refer to the additional information page of this site for information on how to pay. The easiest way for you to pay is via PayPal.

Who else will see my reading?
Nobody, unless you choose to show it to people. I guarantee confidentiality at my end, and adopt a strict rule of professionalism in this regard. My thoughts are always attuned to ethical conduct.

How does a tarot reading work?
On one level, I lay out the cards and interpret their meanings, and their relationship to other cards around them. On a higher level, I receive psychic guidance regarding your situation and how the cards relate to you. This can take various forms, including me receiving pictures and sounds, or 'sensing' specific information. I can then use this information to create your overall reading. This is like a written report on your life, and can relate to your past, present and future. Often, it will provide advice with relation to current and future positions.

Can you predict my future?
The future is not set in stone, I believe everybody is responsible for creating their own destiny, and has the ability to alter their own situations. What a tarot reading can offer is guidance to the best possible, or most likely, future for you, or your future should you continue on the same path in life. It can offer suggestion in order to equip you to deal with likely future events. As this information is designed to help you, the future predicted for you will then often be the one you create for yourself. Virtually everything you will be told in a reading will already be known to you on some level, the tarot is a useful tool to bring this information to your conscious awareness. Any psychic who tells you that you cannot escape a predicted future should you wish to change it is unlikely to hold your higher good in regard.

Can I hear results from people you have already given readings to?
Yes! Check out the guestbook page of this site to read testimonials. If you are still unsure, please contact me and I will endeavour to put you in touch with somebody I have read for.
Do you only do readings from this site? Can I have a face-to-face reading with you?
The beauty of this site is that it allows me to read for people all over the world. However, I am aware that some people prefer to be read for in person, and so am happy to offer face-to-face readings in and around Kirkwall, Orkney, where I am based. If you would like to arrange a reading of this type, please contact me. Any events (fairs, festivals etc) at which I may be reading will be announced on this site.

How can I be sure I will receive a reading from you, given that I am required to send payment first?
I choose to live my life by the 'threefold rule'. This means that I believe whatever you give out in life you receive back three times over. This applies to everything in life, both positive and negative. For me to take a payment but not give a reading would flout my entire belief system, and the idea is morally reprehensible to me. I am an extremely ethically-minded person, and am greatly saddened by people who use the cover of psychic readings in order to manipulate and steal from people. I feel that people who choose to operate in this manner will ultimately receive this same type of negativity in their own lives times three. If anybody has abused your trust in this way, I urge you to contact one of the many national psychic bodies in order to make them aware of the person or persons involved. Psychics depend on positive word-of-mouth communication, and by simply making people aware of people engaging in fraud, you will be greatly diminishing their power. If you have been disturbed by anything a dubious 'psychic' has told you, I would encourage you to seek counselling or healing in order to overcome any residual negativity.

How can I learn more about tarot? Do you teach classes?
At the current time I have no classes or seminars on offer, but I intend to hold these in the future. I will post information on this site when these have been planned, and greatly look forward to the possibility of seeing you there.

Do you belong to any professional bodies?
Yes, I am a member of the Tarot Association of the British Isles. As a complementary therapist, I am also a member of the International College of Holistic Medicine.

Is there any danger associated with tarot? Is it safe for me to have a reading?
Yes, it is safe. I work with my spirit guides, who protect me from negative influences when I am reading the cards, and I meditate regularly in order to surround myself with protective energy. Because you are using me as an intermediary, there is absolutely no danger to you from any negative energies. I give all of my readings with love and positivity, and this is what you will receive. There is no danger to anybody who receives a reading.

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