The spread I choose to use is the ten card Celtic cross, for 'general' readings. This spread can be used to assess your past, present and future situation, and can be related to any aspect of life. This, for me, is the best spread to gain information regarding the 'bigger picture' of your life.
For a very specific question, I use a three card spread (can be lengthened into a nine card spread if further clarity is required). This gives a focus that is centred very much on the issue in question. This is good if you are 'between readings', or if you require a 'top-up' to a reading.
I also offer a year ahead reading, this is a detailed month-by-month reading for the next twelve months, looking at your life as a whole. This can be started at any point during the year. Please allow five days to receive this reading, as it is much longer than general reading.
All of my readings are presented as suggestions for individuals to use in their own lives as they see fit. I do not claim to have the answers to all of your situations or dilemmas, nor can I tell you what to do with your lives. My role is to pass on suggestions and guidance. Remember, the future predicted by the tarot is not set in stone, you are the only one who can make decisions about your own life, and I firmly believe that each of us is able to control and change our own realities. The tarot, and other forms of psychic guidance, are just that, GUIDANCE. You should never feel compelled to follow advice or suggestion from anybody with which you are uncomfortable. Your life is your own. It is in this spirit that I offer tarot readings, as advice and assistance, rather than as fatalistic prediction. The tarot is a fantastic tool to enlighten the paths that are not always immediately obvious to us, but it is not, and should never be used as, a means to dictate. Despite some popular theories, tarot does not oppose any religious or spiritual beliefs, it supports whatever your own chosen belief system, should you have one, and is certainly not a sign of 'devil-worship', as Hollywood would have some believe. A good way to consider the tarot if unsure is as an extension of your own intuition. It is unlikely to tell you anything that you do not already know on some level, but it is invaluable in terms of clarifying thoughts and situations.

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